Square Ball Bearing

3/4"SQ, 3/16"ID

Product Description

Here's a Square Deal! A quality Whiteside bit with the exclusive Euro Square Bearing. Replace the standard 1/2" bearing found on most of our Edge Form bits with the B3SQ square bearing if residue build-up on the bearing or marring of the workpiece is a problem. Recommended for solid surface applications. B3SQ is a 1/2" square or upgrade to the 3/4" B8SQ square. Both parts have a standard 3/16" inside diameter.

How does it work? The square bearing stops spinning as soon as it touches the workpiece. Then, the side of the square simply slides along the workpiece edge. Compare this to a regular bearing that rolls along the edge- building up glue and residue with every revolution. Plus, the square is made from a non-stick material, so it wipes clean easily, and it won't mark your workpiece.