Whiteside Router Bits

The following link can be used to access Whiteside's Library of Vectric .tool Files for our most popular CNC bits. These files can be loaded into Vectric software (version 8.5 and later) including Aspire, VCarve, and similar software formats. PDF files with drawings of each tool are also available on each product page.

These .tool files are available as a recommended starting point to assist you in the use of our tooling. Cutting speeds and feeds may need to be adjusted based on your specific application, material, depth of cut, and machine capabilities.

Download Here: Vectric .tool Library


To add a .tool file, open the Tool Database in your software after safely downloading the .tool file. Select the Import Option to add the downloaded .tool files into the software. Only use the .tool file for the specific Whiteside part number. By downloading any of these .tool files, you acknowledge the safety information below.


1) Never use the .tool file for any bit other than the specified Whiteside part number.

2) Always wear eye and ear protection along with dust masks. Avoid using bits while in loose clothing. Keep hands, body, clothing and hair away from the cutter.

3) Do not remove safety guards, and be sure to always feed against the cutter rotation. Never use dull or damaged cutters.

4) Disconnect power when changing bits or making adjustments, and always leave the power disconnected when not in use.

5) Follow all safety recommendations of the power tool manufacturer.

6) Whiteside Machine Company assumes no responsibility for defects, damage, or injury (direct or indirect) caused by misuse, abuse, alteration or modification of any product (including sharpening).