Accessory Bearing Kit 36pc

Product Description

Great for replacement bearings and screws! Plus this generous bearing assortment allows you to vary your cutting depths and change your profiles. Also contains lock collars and bearings for adding bearing guides to the shanks of your standard bits for following templates. Contains: 12 bearings- four B3 (1/2”), one each of B2 (3/8”), B7 (5/8”), B8 (3/4”), B9 (1/2”), B6 (5/8”), B4 (3/4”), B5 (7/8”) and B11 (1- 1/8”); two each LC-1/4 and LC-1/2; one each 1/16”, 5/64”, 3/32” and 5/32” Hex Key wrenches; plus ten 54025S bearing screws.