Deep-Cor Hole Saw

4-5/8" Dia.

Product Description

Deep-Cor™ Hole Saws feature a 3” depth of cut, or twice the depth of standard hole saws. The Deep-Cor™ is the ideal tool to use when drilling through thick materials such as transoms for “thru-hull” exhaust holes or bulkheads. These saws also boast a “trim tooth” that trims the plug generated by the saws and allows for easy extraction. They feature long lasting carbide tips and premium steel bodies. Unlike traditional hole saws, Deep-Cor™ is constructed with a fluted body and a slotted wall which allows the saw to expel chips much more efficiently than standard saws. The long plug generated by boring completely through the transom will typically fall out without assistance, saving boat builders time and money. Can be re-sharpened or re-tipped.

Hole saws are typically sold as a kit (808K). Some images show the 808K. Additional sizes are available by custom order.