Classical Flat Bottom Bit

1/4"SH, 7/64"R, 3/8"CL

Product Description


Add dimension to your project with this Classical Flat Bottom Groove Profile.This bit is ideal for adding bearings to the shank for following templates. Select a bearing with the same inside diameter as your shank size. Outside diameter should be the same size or larger than the large diameter of your router bit. Secure bearings with a lock collar. Use Lock Collar #LC-1/4 for 1/4” shanks or #LC-1/2 for 1/2” shanks.

Materials: Natural woods, composite woods, hard plastics

Recommended RPM: 14,000-16,000 (max 18,000)

Part # Radius Large Dia. Cutting Length Overall Length
1/4" SHANK
3770 7/64" 3/4" 3/8" 2"
1/2" SHANK
3780 13/64" 1-3/8" 9/16" 2-1/2"