Up Cut Triple Flute Spiral

1/2"SH, 1/2"CD, 2"CL

Product Description

• RU5200T
• Up Cut Triple Flute Spiral
• Industrial Quality
• 1/2SH 1/2CD 2CL 4OAL 3FL

Three flute design allows these bits to provide the best finish on your project. Up cut spiral design provides the best control with hand or table routing. When creating dado's this design brings chips up and out of the cut.

Listing ID: 0322SAPX02S
Product ID: 844278005356
UPC: 844278005356

Up Cut Part # Down Cut Part # Shank Dia. Cutting Dia. Cutting Length Overall Length
RU4125T RD4125T 3/8" 3/8" 1-1/4" 3"
RU5125T RD5125T 1/2" 1/2" 1-1/4" 3"
RU5200T RD5200T 1/2" 1/2" 2" 4"
RU7200T RD7200T 3/4" 3/4" 2" 4"