Face Frame Counterbore

Replacement Set Screws

Product Description

The FF304 is a replacement set screw for the Face Frame Counterbores. The screw uses a 5/64" Hex Key.

Part # Counterbore Dia. Pilot Dia. Length Type
FF301 3/8" 0.136" 4" Standard
FF301SP 3/8" 0.136" 4" Spiral Flute
FF302 3/8" 0.136" 6" Long

Replacement Parts

Part # Description
FF303 Replacement 0.136" Pilot Fishtail Drill Bit (HSS)
FF304 Replacement Set Screw- Uses 5/64" Hex Key

Standard Type fits Unique, Norfield, Evans, Ritter, and Marcon face frame boring machines.

Long Version is for use on drill press.